There exists a country beyond all borders, a country without borders.

Edged with an interzone, a risky zone. A day with no night, an infinite Twilight.

Straight ahead, on the other side of the Mirror where there's nothing like chance

Only coincidences, in the event of some feverish thoughts, where the frenzies, passions and frustrations of an ideal world entangle.

Lost in the void of misty boundaries. Some clear-sighted and sensitive spirits of the invisible world..

Does God ever show his face ? Will he smile at me ? A wink of complicity.

Just to let me know I have been lucky enough to come past Him in my time.

Instead of returning to the abyss of eager consciences scared by existential nothingness.

Existential is my existence, such is my luck. To drown myself in the depths of my soul, to avoid all blame.

I will have done everything possible. The fear of the void over that of the vice. The fear of the vice over that of the void.

Vice versa, here is the key that binds opposites together.